Music Production:

R: Record
M: Mix
S: Master

Peter Evans (Psi) (R/M/S)
Skeletons (Tomlab, Ghostly, Shinkoyo) (R)
Mario Diaz De Leon (Tzadik, Shinkoyo) (S)
The Atomic Bomb Audition (R/S)
Efft (S)
Ben Kamen (Anonymous Monk) (R)
Sparks (Creative Sources) (R/M/S)
Holy Gold (Shinkoyo) (R/M/S)
The Empty Mirror (Landowner Records) (M/S)
Cousin Chris (R/M/S)
The Down Lowe (R/M/S)
Butterfly Bones (R/M/S)
Bruce Comings (R/M/S)
The Plum Creek String Band (R/M/S)
Lloyd Gregory (R/M/S)
Kamandag (R/M/S)

Teaching and Consulting:

Oberlin Conservatory
Expression Center for New Media
Institute of Production and Recording