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Leif Shackelford approaches dance music with backgrounds in classical performance and noise music. While well studied in melody and harmony, he views these ingredients as spices to be used sparingly in his music and instead focuses on multi-timbral combinations and pitch / groove relationships. The results are sometimes stripped down micro grooves, but more often are noisy complex progressive arrangements. In either case they share a common respect for charting a path that allows the listener to dial in and respond to their own mind and body without pushing a specific agenda.

Native of St.Paul, MN Leif became interested in techno going to partys featuring locals like the Attack People (Dustin Zahn, Ian Lehman), DVS1, and Paul Birken. He studied electronic music in Ohio, and was part of the Shinkoyo arts collective now based in Broolyn, NY. Afterwards he moved to the bay area (West Oakland) and started a diy venue called “Eastnile” that featured wildly diverse acts including performances by Light Asylum, Tearist, Sun Araw, Eternal Tapestry, Ata Ebtekar, Fred Frith, Total Accomplishment, Black Jeans, Pimmon, Space Burn, Death Sentence: Panda, John Wiese, lil B, Gowns, Company Fuck . . .

Having spent years as a studio engineer and recording technology teacher, Leif has also built vintage style recording equipment, and is designing new equipment for his company Structure Sound. He can also be found doing production and touring playing violin and synth with EMA.

Portland, OR USA