MRD-X: Leif Shackelford 01/04

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Tonight’s mix comes from musician, producer, and instrument designer Leif Shackelford of Portland, Oregon. Shackelford creates raw, passionate noise folk with EMA on her solo albums, and tours with Erika as her synth man and violinist. Independently, Shackelford creates electronic records inspired by techno’s past and present, using the instruments designed by himself with his company Structure Sound based in Oakland, California. He’s also a well-established studio engineer, mixing and co-producing EMA’s albums, as well as Ohio artist Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys. This mix of techno and tech-house doesn’t come as a surprise if you’ve listened to Shackelford’s music before (styled artist name as 1e1f,) but will do if you’re expecting elements of EMA – Enjoy!

Track list: (all songs by 1e1f unless stated)
1. Maria Imbrium
2. Low Gravity
3. Facility
4. Drown – feat. EMA
5. Lakeluster
6. Moon
7. Tide
8. Monofunk
9. Autistique
10. Wayob – Bamboo (Shackelford remix)
11. Quarry
12. Janka Nabay – Somebody (Shackelford remix)
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